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Upgrade your cleaning regime with our ingenious mobile shot blaster. Combining portability and power, this walk-behind shotblaster masterfully removes impurities from various surfaces, transforming them to reveal a fresh, vibrant layer beneath. An array of thoughtful features facilitate seamless operation, saving valuable time and money whilst simultaneously boosting productivity.

Key Features of Mobile Shot Blaster for sale:

  • Solid steel framework, guaranteed to withstand rigorous use
  • Expansive 320mm × 550mm blasting field, hastening project turnaround
  • Commendable 4kW motor furnishing unrivaled force and meticulous precision
  • Astute auto-recovery scheme, sustaining cleaner atmospheres
  • Ultra-quiet mode, paying tribute to local tranquility
  • Uncomplicated digital interface, welcoming entry-level users and seasoned specialists
  • Coveted CE and ISO badges affirming global recognition
  • Confidence-instilling two-year guarantee shielding unexpected setbacks

Parameter Chart of Mobile Shot Blaster for sale:

Characteristic Quantitative Value
Blast Width 320mm
Full Body Size 1040mm × 720mm
Complete Mass 85kg
Peak Operational 0.6-0.8MPa
Electric Current 16A
Motive Force 4kW
Protection Index IP54
Acoustic Levels <70 dB(A)
Electrical Input 380V±10%, 3Ph, 50Hz

Usage Fields:

  • Educational institutions
  • Medical premises
  • Hospitality locations
  • Leisure amenities
  • Production domains
  • Distribution centers


  • Substantial enhancement in efficiency vis-à-vis standard wiping methods
  • Augmented hardware lifecycle triggered by high-caliber constituents
  • Monetary benefits stemming from escalated performance indices
  • Earth-friendly sanitation strategy, benefitting occupant welfare and ecosystems
  • Simplified care programs, lessening administrative encumbrances
  • Mild abrading procedure, circumventing vulnerable base deterioration


  • Less apt for cramped areas where manipulability presents complications
  • Struggles with profoundly filthy expanses without sufficient pretreatment
  • Initiation period potentially elongated, obligating expert involvement


Adopting the mobile shot blaster empowers you to execute thorough cleansing chores effortlessly, unlocking myriad rewards encompassing fiscal prosperity and environmental accountability. Even though impediments arise, securing this invention constitutes a wise investment, fortifying its position as a cornerstone acquisition for forward-thinking entities.


200mm, 250mm, 280mm, 550mm, 1000mm


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