Bead Shot Blasting Machine for Concrete Floor


Portable Shot Blaster Description

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Description of Bead Shot Blasting Machine:

Transform your concrete floor maintenance routine with our high-performing bead shot blasting machine. Specifically designed for concrete surfaces, this walk-behind shotblaster combines power and precision to efficiently eliminate dirt, grime, and coatings, revealing a flawless and renewed appearance.

Key Features of Bead Shot Blasting Machine:

  • Reinforced steel construction for enhanced durability
  • Ample 320mm × 550mm blasting window, accelerating completion rate
  • Mighty 4kW motor delivering formidable strength and pinpoint accuracy
  • Clever auto-recovery system, restoring immaculate surroundings
  • Whisper-quiet operation, honoring neighboring serenity
  • Clear-cut digital interface, accessible for beginners and pros alike
  • Internationally recognized CE and ISO accreditations
  • Peace of mind ensued by a generous two-year warranty

Specifications Table:

Attribute Metric
Blast Width 320mm
Overall Length 1040mm
Total Height 720mm
Mass 85kg
Max Operating Pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Input Current 16A
Output Power 4kW
Degree Of Protection IP54
Noise Level <70 dB(A)
Voltage 380V±10%, 3Ph, 50Hz


  • Commercial properties
  • Residential developments
  • Institutional establishments
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Manufacturing hubs
  • Logistic centers


  • Skyrocketed productivity versus conventional sweeping tactics
  • Prolonged lifetime attributable to hardwearing constituents
  • Economical runtime engendered by augmented efficiency ratios
  • Environmental altruism achieved via chemical-free washing practice
  • Straightforward servicing schedules, relieving administration duties
  • Gentle cleaning protocol, averting fragile foundation damage


  • Ill-suited for tight quarters where dexterity becomes problematic
  • Could wrestle with intensely grimy zones absent adequate pretreatment
  • Setup duration may extend initially, mandating specialist intervention

Embracing the bead shot blasting machine for concrete floors amplifies your capacity to administer first-rate maintenance services, yielding ecological and economic gains.

Though hindrances exist, acquiring this contraption remains a shrewd decision, solidifying its status as a quintessential element in astute enterprises’ inventory.


200mm, 250mm, 280mm, 550mm, 1000mm


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